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    Agacad: Thorn Engineering values AGACAD as a partner in its timber framing work

    Agacad: Thorn Engineering values AGACAD as a partner in its timber framing work

    This Northern European design firm specializing in timber buildings finds great value not just in AGACAD’s powerful Revit® framing add-ons and exporters, but also in its ongoing support as a BIM technology partner.

    Client Profile

    Thorn Engineering OÜ provides technical support and timber-frame building design services for architects, prefabricators and construction firms. Based in northern Estonia, it is part of the Harmet Group of production, construction, design and sales companies active mainly in the Nordic region.

    Business Need

    Timber is just as potent a building material as concrete and steel but with a smaller carbon footprint. Proving that to clients day-to-day, with design and technical solutions that meet even their most challenging demands, is how Thorn Engineering defines its mission. Thus, cutting-edge wood framing is key.

    “We start with the client’s vision and end with final drawings. Hand-over of CNC data files to the group’s factories is where the next phase begins,” Ott Raigla, CEO of the company, says. “We wanted proven and powerful BIM software with an emphasis on process automation.”

    For easy collaboration on models, among disciplines and with clients, Thorn’s team strongly prefers working in an Autodesk® Revit® environment, ideally on Autodesk’s BIM 360™ platform connecting project teams and data in real-time.


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